Texoma Beefmaster Bull Sale

March 18, 2017 • McAlester Oklahoma • 12:00 Noon
Selling 120 Performance Tested Bulls and 50 Registered Heifers – Breds and Opens

Pick your Next Bull from the Largest Selection Available this Spring!
More Bulls. More Data. More Affordability.

For over Twenty years we have developed a program committed to producing easy fleshing bulls that travel, breed cows and not break down. Texoma is a joint venture of like-minded breeders dedicated to supplying performance tested cattle to today’s progressive cowman.

We have taken the Foundation Philosophy the breed was developed on and selected for a Genetically and Phenotypically superior animal. You won’t find any fancy clip jobs, fancy feed rations, fancy propaganda. Just good honest cattle ready to work! Our unique forage based performance test allows you to select bulls that fit your environment by testing them against each other in large contemporary groups.

Get back to the basics by investing in Heterosis that will increase fertility, calf survival, longevity and most important bigger weaning weights!

Video and catalog will be online at the end of February!
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